What defines us as a company, through our mission and vision, not only defines who we are, but also guides every decision we make.

With our values in mind, we take what we do very seriously and we seek to bring our user and client a solution that meets and exceeds their expectations, which is why our creative and decision-making process is based on our 4 pillars.

R&D driven innovation
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Key-X is the world's first assistive keyboard created using state-of-the-art technology through cognitive stimulation to offer a holistic solution for educational purposes.

It provides autonomy to children and adults with motor and communication disabilities as they are; cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Down syndrome and autism among other disabilities.

Get to know the Key-X multifunctional smart keyboard here.

MONICA is here in support of teachers.

Is a FORMATIVE, TECHNOLOGICAL and MOTIVATIONAL web based program organized in four simple steps that brings to the teachers, students, directors and parents the tools that facilitate the teaching-learning process. Learn more about this innovative platform that will revolutionize your classroom.

Social transformation through Education

The Intensive Treatment is aimed at increasing the academic achievement of the student in standardized tests and, in turn, to sensitize the entire community about the importance of education for integral social development. Learn more about how your school can increase it´s excellence with the support of our Intensive Treatment instructors.

The award winning ONE on ONE program was developed to eradicate poor academic achievement and the school dropout epidemic worldwide.

The ONE on ONE program started in 2012 with the objective of increasing graduation rates and improving the quality of life of students who were performing poorly in school.

The program works by pairing students at risk of academic failure with community leaders who become mentors - active members in the lives of these kids.

The most exciting Math and Science
competition in the world.

New Virtual University

With the New Virtual University higher education takes a different turn and gets on track with the tendencies and demands of the student and university professor of the 21st century. Communication, professor and teacher follow-up, scheduling and collaboration are impacted in a positive way with the integration of the NUV tools. Learn how your academic institution can obtain it today.

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