We exist to reinvent the processes of education, to redesign how we see them and to develop them until we take them to the next level. By integrating the components of training, technology and motivation, we seek to create innovative products and services that lead our clients to achieve success without compromising creativity and efficiency.
"Drive transformation and innovation through service, education and creativity."
"Be inspiring leaders of change"
"Drive transformation and innovation through service, education and creativity."
"Be inspiring leaders of change"
We love what we do
For us this is not a job, this is what we love. We put the heart in everything we create and we see that in the results and satisfaction of our team, customers and partners.
Passion is our engine day to day.
We think big
We know that redefining and redesigning education is an ambitious goal. That's why we know that thinking big requires innovation, passion and thinking in an unconventional way. That's why we like smart risks.
High work standards
At Casa Grande we have high work standards, especially when we talk about quality. Our quest to achieve a better user experience and to have exceptional products is guided by the determination to be the best in what we do. We love what we do and the products we develop, but we are never satisfied and we go for more.
We are one
Casa Grande is made up of a unique team made up of talented individuals. We know that we are successful because different talents work collaboratively together to create great things. We support each other, we trust each other and we know that the success of the team is the success of each one as an individual. Our diverse team is what makes the perfect complement to the formula of success in everything we do.
We want the world to be ours
The physical space is no limitation for us. We transcend borders and take our services successfully where necessary. From the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America to Spain, there we go. That is why we have international teams that can mobilize to meet the needs of our customers.
We are in the middle of the action
Our geographical location is a competitive advantage of great value. Puerto Rico allows us to be the bridge between the United States and Latin America, facilitating integration processes at the product, cultural and language levels. Everything happens here and that is not only an advantage for us, but for our customers and partners.
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